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School Blues: The Teacher

Many teens have issues with their teachers. Teachers can become hard to deal with, and frustrating. In my situation, my algebra teacher had an issue with my "so called" attitude and refused to change my grade. I had a rough morning last week before I arrived to school, and my mouth had gotten me into a lot of trouble. Trying to resolve the problem, I apologized to my teacher, but she wasn’t taking it. My teacher told me I couldn’t come in to fix my grade or do missing work that I needed help with. The result of my grade in her class stayed at an F.

My teacher and grade in that class had stressed me out and I had no idea what to do. I had to think about what God would do and let my mom deal with it. What I did while waiting was send my teacher an e-mail, apologizing for my bad attitude which is what one of my principles had told me to do. Unfortunately, the email didn’t really help the situation, she showed no care in helping me. But, after my mother talked to her, my grade is now at an C on it’s way to a B.

My advice for any teen struggling with teacher issues, is to not try and handle it yourself, but to let the trusted adult in your family and/or your principle know about the issue. Even if your teacher is wrong in the situation, don’t talk back or bad mouth them because it never resolves anything. It just makes it worse . All you can do is keep working. Focus on you and ignore anything or anyone who may try and stop you from your success, especially in school.

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