GP Tours

Atlanta, GA (Pilot)

​July 24 - August 1, 2018​

Tour completed!

Students, parents & partners experienced a GP Tour, traveling from their local community to Georgia and Alabama for a Civil Rights and African American History Tour.  We traveled to Savannah & Atlanta, GA and Tuskegee, AL.

Atlanta, GA

Postponed due to COVID-19

March 16-22, 2020

Civil Rights & Black History Tour

Students will travel from their local community to Atlanta & Savannah, GA; and

Tuskegee, AL to experience and share artifacts regarding Civil Rights, HBCUs and African-American History.

Washington D.C. (Pilot 2)

​June 25-29, 2019

Tour completed!

Students will travel from their local community to Washington D.C. to experience American history, politics, museums and culture. 

Tulsa, OK  (Pilot 3)

​Spring 2020

Postponed due to COVID-19

Students will travel from their local community to Tulsa, OK to experience the American Indian culture, artifacts, Trail of Tears, history and museums.

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