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Join us for our Annual Back-to-Schoo Give-a-Way, Sunday, July 28th. Free health screenings will also be provided. You may scan the QR to register. Please share the information with family and friends.

GP Community... we are back! We have been on a sabbatical for the past year to restructure how Generation Prodigy would look post-COVID. We appreciate your patience.

We miss the level of activities we have had with the students and are preparing for great years ahead. To kick-off our 2023 activities, we are resuming our Back-to-School Give-a-way on Sunday, July 23rd at 12:45PM at Trinity Temple in Grandview, MO.

All students from around the Greater Kansas City area are welcome. We have partnered with Trinity Temple and United Healthcare Community Plan to help make the event a success, so spread the word!

Parents will also be invited to sign up their teens for upcoming Teen Talks. Our children are in great need of moral and emotional support and we are here to serve them.

Thank you again for your prayers and support, we look forward to seeing you soon! If you know of a student in need of school supplies and live in another location, we are happy to ship supplies to them.

In 1960, the six year old Ruby Bridges was escorted by federal marshals and had to faced a mob shouting and screaming at her and her mom. Did you know that she is still alive and well?

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