Living in a highly sexualized world, there is a concern for youth. From music, to the television, to the classroom, the topic of sex is filling the void of conversation and boredom. Sometimes it fulfills a longing for love.

Have you noticed the increase in commercials advertising HPV vaccinations? Why? According to The Journal of Infectious Diseases, it is estimated that 79 million Americans are infected with HPV. The majority are individuals in their late teens and early twenties. Approximately 26% of new cases of HIV still exist for youth between ages 13-24, and out of 5 of the cases, 4 are males (CDC, 2021).

So why isn't a conversation about abstinence increasing? Because SEX sells. Our desire is to educate youth on the beauty of abstinence. Learning the beauty and practice of abstinence can guarantee the chance of staying free from STDs.

Every teen is invited (parents may need the dialogue as well) for a conversation about choice and abstinence. It can save a life. Join us for a special Teen Talk, in person, this Saturday at 12 Noon. Visit our homepage or GP Teen Talk page for more information. For parental consent, click here.

School can be a great place for Education, Sports & Friends. But, school can also be a place where youth experience their first wound, hurt or fight. GP has partnered with Mrs. DeShun Radcliff of Stigma Stomping as our guest mentoring host for GP Teen Talk. We started our first discussion August 15 and will continue on Sunday, September 19th at 6PM. The topic: The Joys and Pains of School, part two. Below is a brief clip of what kicked off our conversation. Click here to view our last Teen Talk Live!

Generation Prodigy is excited to host the 4th Annual Back to School Give-a-Way. If you know of a family in need of school supplies for their child, please let us know. It is our desire to make sure youth have the necessary supplies needed to have a successful school year.

The 2020-21 school year was unique to most of us who engaged with the school system in any way. Teachers were frustrated, mentors missed their mentees, students were missing their school friends, and some enjoyed the freedom of being home without the pressures of school life. Well, we hope we can make the 2021-22 school life a little easier by having a little fun with our video contest (teens and parents are welcome to share a preview of "life back in school" video by July 24th - tag us on IG #gpteentalk), GP Teen Talk on July 18th and our Back to School Give-a-Way on July 25th.

Join the fun! Don't miss the excitement this weekend and next weekend!

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