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You Matter.

As we prepare for the 2019-20 school year, youth are still concerned about bullying. The same bullies students had to face last year, may be present again this year. Bullying takes place in so many forms. Youth are being teased for being smart, modest, caring, even if they are minding their own business. One of the latest and more prevalent forms is through social media and texts (although youth shouldn't have their phones in the classroom IJS).

There are youth who believe in standing up for their friends. There are youth who try to take up for themselves. Zamar stated, "Each time someone is getting bullied, nobody wants to stand up for them because they think everybody will also laugh at him. Then if it's their friend and you tell them it's not cool, stop! They think that they won't be your friend anymore and bully you."

It is also a hard way of learning who your friends are. Good friends will stand up for you (period).

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