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One Man Conference

Sitting up at night contemplating what everybody has had to say,

Do I listen and follow suit or do I do this thing my way?

I admit I think about it too much, and Aubrey Graham would approve,

The lack of concern from my friends makes me want to ask “Who faker than you?”

But the answer to that might just be in my own reflection,

Because who am I? My identity forever in question/

And I find myself to be the lead interrogator, always the bad cop

In this introspective interview the query never stops.

“Am I, are you, faker than most or realer than some?”

The answer lies in the outcome of this internal battle that’s never won, ongoing, and never done.

Even though I talk to myself and walk by myself, I lie to myself

Never truthful enough to actually cry to myself;

Because when you’re honest with yourself you can open up to YOU,

So I think it’s time I pick up the phone and call my conscience like “Come through,”

“Since we having a talk tell my feelings to come too.

Call up my lies so I can see what’s really not the truth;

Also, invite my regret so we can all sit down,

And do me a favor; tell my pain too since its always around.

We gone sit down and have a nice, long intervention,

We can even call it a little ‘hashing out’ convention”.

The air will be clear, the line of visibility will be free,

I’m knocking down these walls until all I see is me.

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