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Footprints in the Sand


It’s amazing reflecting on this journey called life

60 seconds of white sand, ocean waves and me, the wife

It’s all erased as the winds blow, the ultimate show

of God’s handiwork, no stagnation, staying low

Incognito, no one wearing speedos

Grateful for clarity, man... where did the time go

My opportunity to grow, pace going slow

Got to get back home, to what? Who knows

But as I walk and reflect, recalling the past

The prints that I made here, is not guaranteed to last

My time here is like the wind, blowing sand grains here and there

My time here is ending, back to the bumpy roads I dare

Looking back at my life to many it won’t matter

To some recollections and memories shared through open chatter

Watch where you step, some things can’t be erased

The good things you do, make sure it can be traced

There’s a record being kept, only written by the angel’s hand

The evil deeds forgiven... like footprints in the sand


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