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We are 14 days away from piloting GP Tours. We are excited because we get an opportunity to serve youth through mentoring and alternative education. Silchenko (2005) stated, “alternative education programs can often succeed where traditional schools have not.” Public schools are losing funding for extracurricular activities and field trips, such as museums, science centers and local zoos, which contribute to the enhancement of academic achievement. The steady decline in school field trips, which contributes to “critical thinking skills,” as well as exposure to cultural experiences and the arts, affects the overall wellbeing of students. Historically, most students who were from low-income families were able to gain the cultural exposure through the public school they attended (Greene, Kisida and Bowen, 2014).

A study conducted by Greene, Kisida and Bowen (2014) reported that experiencing history or art

enhanced the educational experiences of the students and allowed them to retain information of academic significance. GP offers annual tours which contribute to enhanced learning opportunities for students. Where disadvantaged schools may not have the funding or staff to offer field trips, GP will work alongside the schools to provide learning experiences through travel.

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